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Lori Crawford

Tarot Reading

At a very early age Lori Crawford realized there was something amazing about herself. She began to notice that she could see the future in her dreams. She was surprised and sometimes even delighted to discover that various events, objects and situations from her dreams actually happened in real life. At first she thought everyone had this ability and later she learned that even though everyone can dream and see, they don’t always remember. She also quickly learned that these things are not discussed in school or at the dinner table.

As a lifetime student, teacher, reader, visionary and compassionate Spiritual adviser Lori has been reading in Southwest Florida and Seattle since 1990. Lori has had the amazing opportunity to offer her services at International corporate conventions hosted by the area’s most elite Resorts to read for people from all around the world

Lori is the owner of The Way of Positive Change where she conducts readings in person and by phone. The Way of Positive Change is located at 1222 SE 47th St, Cape Coral, FL 33904 and you can reach her at (239) 541 0227.

Tami Morgan

Crystal Reading

Crystals are beautiful ancient beings. They embody Mother Earth’s energy and wisdom. Tami is a renowned Crystal Reader with 15 yrs experience working with crystals and stones. She channels messages from chosen crystals that offer you counsel, healing, wisdom, and empowerment. In the process of selecting the crystals through intuitive touch, you also receive healing energy from the crystals themselves. Let Earth’s energies answer your questions.

Marjorie Ewell


Marjorie Ewell was born with a “veil” or “caul” over her face, The Irish believed that a caul indicated that the individual would have the ability to see behind the veil and would have the “sight” to see hidden things in other people. Marjorie was an artistic child and has always been drawn to the mystical. As a teenager, she taught herself how to read palms and to understand the Zodiac. At age 29 she met a master astrologer who recognized her talent and mentored her learning path. Art took a back seat as her passion for the stars grew, although she has also continued to develop her artistic talent.

Marjorie has been a bank personnel officer, a retail fabric merchant and a mineral, crystal and fossil shop owner. Her shop, Got Rocks, was a major attraction at the Town of Historic Smithville, NJ, and Marjorie liked to refer to it as a New Age Pharmacy as many people sought remedies in crystal form. In 1995 she closed her shop and moved with her family to Cape Coral, FL. Marjorie has continued to study astrology and has developed an interest in Evolutionary Astrology which helps her clients understand their soul’s needs and mission in life. Marjorie always tailors her readings to the client’s level of understanding and attempts to draw the client into the dynamics of their life.

Marjorie studied with Mae R. Wilson-Ludlam using the Ivy Jacobson course on Chart Calculations prior to the advent of computer charts. This enabled her to use the mathematical calculation of a horoscope based on the exact date, time and location of birth. She has taught astrology privately and at the Ventnor Cultural Art Center, Ventnor, NJ.

Marjorie hopes to add her energy to the positive understanding that Astrology can give, at the Way of Positive Change.