I met with Lori at a very low and troubling point in my adult life. I had never gotten a reading before and was anxious about the entire process.

I felt uneasy about getting my reading fully aware of my situation but nervous to hear the truth of the matter. Lori made the entire process easy and comfortable. I was allowed to share my fears and questions able to confide in her to receive an honest answer.

She told me I had to work to do to get through the rough patch but while simultaneously reinstating hope for the future. There’s light at the end of the tunnel that I am now starting to see, just like she told me I would. I entrust my intuition with Lori and looking forward to my next reading.

Donna Prusak


I found The Way of Positive Change a few years back when I was new to Florida and looking for healing, love, and positivity in my life. I met Lori. I have had several readings from her over the years and she is amazing.

She leaves you with a positive vibe following your reading and hope for the future. She truly has a heart of gold. I encourage you to visit for yourself.

Felecia Bailey


I have been getting readings from Lori for over 15 years. She is INCREDIBLE! Her accuracy at painting the future is nothing short of impressive. I have found myself sitting across from her several times when I felt lost in life and was looking for what might be behind the new doors opening up ahead of me as the old ones closed.

These times were challenging times and she has always brought me guidance and hope. Thank you, Lori, for being so amazing at what you do.

Brandy Redding


Every time I go here I feel very welcome and at home. Lori Crawford read my tarot, she really knows her stuff! I had a lot of questions about my life at the time, she helped me find answers and the reading really helped me better understand what was going on at the time.

You should really check this store out, it is a super relaxing place with lots of interesting stones!!! I will be going back soon to experience their healing and massage people and check out some classes they offer.

Billy Campbell


The Way of Positive Change is a hidden gem. What a wonderful place to receive the healing you need. It is full of tools to keep you on the spiritual path and remember your purpose. We have had readings with Lori for years and each and every time she has been spot on. We even moved and have called her for readings and she has given us the information we need in very digestible usable ways.

I have had friends call her and have long distance readings and she has continued to be consistent with them as well. If I could’ve his business 10 stars I would.

Lisa Garside


I have been seeing Lori for over 8 years and i must say, she is one of the most kindest and knowledgeable person that i know in her field. The one on one visits are personal and is truly about my well being as oppose anything else. I love her as a person as as my spiritual adviser and would recommend her to anyone.

Lara Chrisphonte


Over the years I’ve had many readings but have been particularly touched by my Angel card reading with Lori Crawford. Having gone through a traumatic year I had felt as though I had lost touch with my own spirit & confidence. I had taken a brave step & undertaking for myself & my son.

The reading not only gave me comfort but hope as well. Lori’s warmth & gentle way made me feel so at ease & the accuracy of the reading was incredible. The very concerns I had were immediately addressed. One of the 1st issues that presented regarding my financial situation gave me insight & support as it in fact came to fruition a few weeks later. The guidance I received through Lori kept me grounded where normally it would’ve thrown me into complete despair.

Every issue that presented in the reading has been an issue in my life & without the perspective I gained during the reading has made a tremendous difference in how I’ve handled them. For that I am extremely grateful & blessed.

Countless times her words have returned to my heart & mind & have been a source of validation & strength. I look forward to future readings as not only has she gained my trust with accuracy but with the love felt through the reading.

Christine Thurston


Such beautiful energy each and every time I have been. Whether it’s a group meditation, a reading with Lori, or one of the many classes offered, the experience has been uplifting and enlightening.

Tina Brunetti-Smith